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If something happened to you - would your spouse and children be in serious financial trouble?  If the answer is yes – you need life insurance. 

When you have liabilities and you have a family, you want to make sure that you provide them with some protection should something happen to you. 

The solution seems straightforward enough; get sufficient coverage. But navigating the world of life insurance where dozens of providers are anxious to sell a variety of products – such as permanent versus term life insurance – is not so simple. And trying to find the money, when you are already struggling to pay down debt and save for retirement, is difficult. It’s little wonder that many people don’t bother. 

Some financial advisors suggest a coverage rule-of-thumb of five to seven times your net income. But the amount of coverage should be based on individual needs that take into account such things as marital status, dependents, employment status and liabilities. 

Contact one of our licensed insurance professionals to help you calculate your coverage needs and narrow down the coverage options.